EUR incentives

Erasmus University Rotterdam provides the following incentive programmes for its researchers:

  • Support Programme National and International Projects (SNIP)

Through the Support Programme National and International Projects (SNIP) the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam provides financial support for the preparation of research and educational/teaching funding applications for:

  • Collaborative research and teaching in consortia of at least 3 partners;
  • ERC projects;
  • Comenius teaching fellowship;
  • Comenius senior fellowship.

The SNIP accepts applications to help cover costs associated with:

  1. Meetings of an international consortium which is preparing a funding application. Eligible costs are:

a. Travel and accommodation costs in relation to the meeting

In principle the support programme funds the outgoing mobility costs for researchers of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Furthermore, the programme allows coordinators to budget incoming mobility of international researchers outside of Erasmus University Rotterdam up to a maximum of 50% of the total budget of the SNIP application.

b. Costs of renting a meeting room
c. Costs of catering
d. Costs of organizing a web or video conference

  1. Support by an external agency for:

a. 'An extra pair of eyes’ in the final stages of preparation of a funding application.
b. Support to improve the visual quality of applications.
For example design of tables and infographics. Erasmus University Rotterdam has an outline agreement with four design firms who are also available for SNIP researchers.

  1. The hiring of a student assistant to help in the preparation of a proposal.
  2. Teaching replacement grant for the preparation of a research funding application.

For more information:
Webpage on the SNIP, including Call text

  • EUR Fellowships Scheme

Due to the lack of budget and/or the growing competition it has become more difficult for recently graduated researchers to secure a permanent position at their university or acquire research funding. This partly due to the transfer of research funds from universities to the NWO. It is, however, becoming increasingly important to acquire grants at the outset of one’s career. With the EUR Fellowships Scheme, Erasmus University Rotterdam wants to provide recently graduated and talented researchers with more assurance in their career move. In addition, the EUR Fellowship should be seen as an extra encouragement in trying to obtain external financing in spite of the increasingly lower chances of success.

Researchers that have submitted an admissible proposal for a NWO Veni, NWO Vidi or an ERC Starting Grant, but who in spite of receiving a good evaluation, for budgetary reasons did not receive funding from NWO or the European Commission, qualify for a EUR Fellowship in the firstcoming round of the EUR Fellowships. The research project needs to be considered fundable by NWO or the European Commission.

For more information:
Webpage on the EUR Fellowships Scheme, including Call text