Calendar Academic ceremonies

Current facets (Pre-Master)

  • Promotie V. Verbraak-Kolevska

    Internal Audit Effectiveness
  • Promotie P.B.A.A. van Driel

    Fluorescence Guided Therapy in Oncology: Targeted imaging and photodynamic therapy
  • Promotie R.F.H. Lemmers

    Emerging Phenotypes of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Promotie R.G. Masius

    Modelling Parkinson’s Disease Using Human iPSC-Derived Neurons
  • Promotie C. Kourmpeti

    Standardization and Diversity: The greening of European ports (1993-2010)
  • Promotie L.R. Martin

    The Use of Ecosystem Services Information for Environmental Decision-Making
  • Promotie M. Song

    Statistical Analysis of Environmental Protection and Economic Growth in China
  • Promotie W.M.C. Timmermans

    Immunopathogenesis of Granulomas in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
  • Promotie J.J. Heeringa

    The B-cell Side of Allergy and Chronic Inflammatory Disease: Studies on the Source of IgE and IgG4
  • Promotie A.F. Voor in 't holt

    Risk Factors and Transmission of Healthcare-Related Pathogens