Scientific Integrity Coordinator

The Executive Board has appointed Clemens Festen as Scientific Integrity Coordinator.

A proposal for additional scientific-integrity-related activities, based on many conversations with members of the organisation, has been prepared. These activities are designed to further support the implementation of the recommendations made by EUR’s Scientific Integrity Taskforce and to promote scientific integrity in general.  The activities include the following:

  • Scientific integrity training for academic staff and PhD students
  • Continuous administrative and managerial focus on scientific integrity
  • Infrastructure for data storage and data analysis (cf. Research Matters)
  • Reference check/plagiarism scan of dissertations (procedure)
  • Ethical research consultancy

Your suggestions for the further promotion of scientific integrity can be sent to

  • The scientific integrity coordinators function as a point of contact about the Scientific Integrity activities at the Faculty level.

  • You can contact the Scientific Integrity Confidential Advisor, professor Patrick Groenen with questions concerning scientific integrity, suspicion of violation of scientific integrity or misconduct. The advisor can be reached via Riëtte te Lindert (secretary): or (010) 408 8805.

  • The Scientific Integrity Committee handles complaints concerning violation of scientific integrity by an employee of the EUR. Anyone is entitled to submit a complaint to the Committee, whether or not via the Executive Board or the Confidential Advisor.

    The chair of this Committee is professor Muel Kaptein. You can contact Muel Kaptein via the secretary, Riëtte te Lindert: or (010) 408 8805.

    The complaints procedure is recorded in the EUR Scientific Integrity complaints procedure