Testimonials Accounting, Auditing and Control

Boudewijn Martens

Student MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control (Accounting and Auditing)

"Studying in Rotterdam is an amazing experience. After I obtained my Bachelor degree at the Erasmus School of Economics I had no intention to leave the city and the faculty. Rotterdam has a lot to offer to accounting students because all big and mid-size audit firms are located in Rotterdam. The Big Four audit firms also cooperate with the Erasmus School of Economics by offering specific skills training to students. So you learn from theory, but you’ll also receive additional experiences and training from real practitioners! This combination of theory and practice is valuable for future CPAs. Also beside my study the Erasmus School of Economics offered me more than a solid education. I was able to join the Education Committee to improve the programme from a student’s point-of-view and I had a side job as a student assistant. So I would advise you to follow an accounting master programme at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, because it offers you so much more…

Isabella Knoef

Student MSc Accounting, Auditing and Control (Accounting and Auditing)

While in my final year of the International Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics (IBEB), I had to make a choice which master study I wanted to subscribe for. Because of the introductory accounting courses given during the bachelor, my interest was drawn to accounting and after consulting others and the university website, I had made my decision and enrolled in the master Accounting Auditing and Control, choosing the Auditing track. The master requires you to keep track of your studies from the first week onwards and be on top of your game every lecture. You are challenged to study hard, but because the group is composed of students that share the same interest, the work seems more fun which makes it much more doable. The courses vary a lot from research to theoretical or practical course, keeping your studies dynamic and interesting! We, as accounting students, are regularly invited to attend workshops and in-house days at audit firms with the aim of improving our own (soft) skills. It is a fun way to get to know possible future employers and fellow students!