Bart van Riessen

The Masters programme of OR&QL is especially interesting as the courses are very well tuned to the seminars. During such a seminar a case is tackled and solved from head to tail with a group of fellow students. For this purpose a wide variety of questions arise and all sorts of techniques are required. The synergy of studying theory, cooperating with other students and debating about actual cases provides a huge motivation during the year.

Roland Biemond

In the last phase of my master I got the opportunity to apply the skills learned during the programme in practice. For my internship I was able to solve real-world problems for an express carrier. They send me to South Korea for doing a complete network re-design.

Harwin de Vries

Logistic and transport problems are often very complex. The master in Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics provided me with a set of mathematical tools which can be used to model and solve these problems. This enables me to provide evidence based solutions to problems in many industries.

Veerle Hisken

In the Seminar Logistic Case Studies we worked on a real life business case. To present our results, we made a field trip to the company that was involved during the entire project and got the chance to learn more about how Operations Research is applied in business life.