Eunice Li

Student Industrial Dynamics and Strategy


'The programme opens a whole new door. This programme provides exclusive exposures and interesting trainings in entrepreneurship'

The learning experience was fun and engaging

After interning at a startup and a board year at Enactus, I chose this one-year master programme to learn more about startups. While most of the students in the programme were Dutch, 1/3 came from all around the world. Since I studied at University College Utrecht, I enjoy small group lectures where I am free to ask questions and have discussions. The learning experience was fun and engaging. Even though I will not be using the formulas and theories that I learnt from my courses, I feel that the learning process showed me a new way of thinking. Besides, I also made a group of good friends that will always be my friends wherever we live.

Great career advices

What I like the most about this master are the feasible work-load and advices from my professors. I was able to do a part time internship in addition to courses and thesis writing. My professors offered me great career advices and helped me to publish my thesis. I am currently working at a startup in Hong Kong and I am planning to do a PhD in the future.

Berend Raadschilders

Analyst (Strategy Consulting)

Employer: Eden McCallum


Graduated: 2016


Student Industrial Dynamics and Strategy


'It helps you develop a toolkit of skills which combined with practical/theoretical insights will help you accelerate in any position or industry'

Combine my entrepreneurial mindset with my interest in strategy and organisation

After graduating from the International Bachelor Economics and Business Economic programme I was looking for a masters' programme where I could combine my entrepreneurial mindset with my interest in strategy and organisation. One where academic and research skills are equally as important as bridging the gap to real world problems. It sounds like the perfect programme but this specialisation gives you that exactly.

The curriculum

Both core and elective courses focus on topics such as strategic firm behavior and innovation strategy but this programme is about more than theory! Whether for work or your thesis, the ability to analyze is as important as keeping track of theoretical/practical aspects and knowing how to interpret facts is as important as understanding ideas and concepts. All professors of this specialisation will help you develop both hard and soft skills and you will learn how to apply theory to translate insights into a tailored approach to solve the case at hand. This set of unique set skills you develop was the real game changer for me. I realized these would make the difference, not only when applying for my first job, but also for the first years of my career.

Anthi Kostopoulou

Student Industrial Dynamics and Strategy


'The specialisation is a challenging programme that prepares students who wish to become true change makers'

A variety of available courses

About a year ago, I was looking for an appropriate masters' programme that would fit my personality and simultaneously, offer me a great international experience. Eventually, I chose this specialisation of the MSc Economics and Business, mainly because of the variety of the available courses.

Managed to get the most out of my studies

First of all, the programme enriches students with important skills that enable a critical and strategic way of thinking. In general, it is a challenging programme that offers a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge, also enhancing the students’ business acumen. Another important thing to mention is the fact that the professors are always approachable and willing to offer opportunities to their students. For instance, I was given the opportunity to participate in a research project. As a result, I was able to familiarize myself with the area and also, enrich my working experience. Finally, the good reputation of the programme helped me find an internship during the last few months of my programme. Overall, I can definitely say that the aforementioned masters' programme offered me several opportunities and that I managed to get the most out of my studies, both in terms of academic development and working experience.

Stijn Steenbakkers

Credit Analyst Corporate Clients Economic and Financial Spokesman in Regional Parliament

Employer: Rabobank and CDA


Graduated: 2009

'The specialisation really gave me a broad view and backgrounds'


It gives a broad and firm background

Due to the fact that my interests were and are very broad my most important reason to choose for this specialisation was the broad and firm background it gives. After graduating in 2009 I travelled around the world, did another master programme in Belgium and then started working in Dutch Parliament at the CDA Tweede Kamerfractie as an advisor on all economic affairs. In this role you advice members of parliament, write speeches and talk with a lot of experts on how the Netherlands can optimise its economic environment and create more innovative entrepreneurial activities. The theoretical background and practical examples of the course Economics of Innovation really helped me in this job in guiding and answering important questions as: how to create an environment where entrepreneurs have the greatest chance to innovate and succeed?

Courses that are helping me every day

After a few years in 2013 I made a career switch and started working for Rabobank as a Corporate Management Trainee. At this moment I'm working as a Credit Analyst at Rabobank Corporate Clients. These are all big non listed companies. In general we have two type of customers: regular corporate banking customers (big companies who have a regular financing question for example the building of a new warehouse) and acquisition finance customers (this is event financing, mergers & acquisition, management buy outs etc.). Together with the senior relationship banker you are the key contact from the bank (dealteam) to the CEO and CFO of the specific company. Conversation are partly on the financing structure but also very much on the organizational design of the company, its strategy, its management information system and the market on which the specific company operates. In this role courses as Strategy Economics and Organisational Economics are helping / guiding me every day.

Running for the National Parliament

Next to my job at Rabobank I'm a member of the Regional Parliament on behalf of the CDA where I'm the spokesman on Financial and Economic affairs. Due to the fact that the region Noord-Brabant has a great deal of participations and subsidiaries I have a lot of debates on corporate governance. Even on this specific subjects my master at Erasmus School of Economics gives me some guidance due to the course Economics on Governance. At this moment I'm running for the National Parliament elections in 2016 on behalf of the CDA on place 24. I for sure believe that if I would get elected on 15-03-2017 my master will also give me some guidance in this job.