Marketing & Communications

In general the department of Marketing & Communications (MC) plays a steering and guiding role in all the university’s marketing and communication activities. More specifically:
  • A central coordinating and organising role in the increasingly competitive recruitment activities aimed at attracting bachelor’s and master’s students (nationally and internationally) to the EUR.
  • Organisation of corporate events, like Erasmus Podium, Mandeville Lecture, Talent Day, but also the Sinterklaas celebration and handing out of Christmas packets.
  • Direction, production and user support for Erasmus Web.
  • Advises on and develops the EUR -identity and -branding.
  • (Helps) provide internal communication and is responsible for corporate communication.
  • Maintains and guides media contacts.
  • Coordination of scientific information.
  • Provides communication on and implementation of strategic plan 'Erasmus 2013'.
  • Gives shape to alumni and corporate relations policy.
Almost all these activities take place in consultation with faculties, SSCs, and other services. Depending on the topic, activity or task, the Marketing & Communications department plays either a central and leading role or a more advisory role.