What did I miss during Christmas time...

"The moment I stepped outside of the Rotterdam Central Station I realized how many things I missed from my student life in this city," says our blogger Maria about her return to Rotterdam after the Christmas holidays. In the middle of December, she headed back to her home town in Athens, Greece. Although she had an amazing time there with friends and family, there are some things about Rotterdam you will definitely miss..

It was the most wonderful time of the year! I am referring to Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities, of course. In the middle of December, I headed back to my home town in Athens, Greece. I am currently writing this blog from my house in Rotterdam thinking about the amazing time I had in Greece. I overate (thanks mum!), enjoyed the sunny days and the blue skies and spent precious time with the people I love and had missed so much. Although my return made me miserable, the moment I stepped outside of the Rotterdam Central Station I realized how many things I missed from my student life in this city.

My Super Cool Friends

Firstly, and most importantly, I missed my friends. One day before I left Rotterdam, we organized a Christmas dinner party with fellow students from my master program. Most of them would return home in a couple of days, thus it was, also, a goodbye/until-next-time party. I must admit I got really emotional at the end of the party when I had to part from my company. When you live alone in a city far away from home, your friends become your new family.

My Bike Rides

Living in Athens, a not bike-friendly city, I wasn’t familiar with the extensive use of bicycle as a means of transportation. After one month in Rotterdam, I realized how much I needed a bike. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to move around the city. In the beginning, I was absolutely terrified of riding it because of the other fast and furious cyclists (no kidding, they run like crazy!). Now that I use a bike for three months, I have reached to a point where I am longing for bike rides to the university or to Kralingse Plas.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Call me crazy, but another thing I missed a lot is the campus, the lectures, the studying process and even, Polak. I am so thrilled about the knowledge I gain through my master program that I am  not bothered when my brain get burned from the endless hours of studying. And what can I say about our amazing campus?! I love every corner of it, with the exception of the exam room! During Christmas time, a brilliant idea was realized. We could write our ambitions in a Christmas ball and hang it to the Christmas tree located in front of the Pavilion. Reading about the dreams of my fellow students gave me so much inspiration and motivation for the new year.

The Christmas Decorations

Although Rotterdam may not be the most decorated city of The Netherlands, the dreamy city of Delft is located fifteen minutes away (by train) from Rotterdam and waits for you to explore it. I recommend Delft for long walks and coffee in every season, but I may confess that it’s absolutely gorgeous during Christmas time. On Tuesday 11 December, I visited the city to attend the Lichtjesavond Delft 2016, the event where the huge Christmas tree on the Market Square and the whole historic city center were lit. Full of life, of outside markets, of gluhwein (delicious hot wine) and of bars with nice music, the city was pure magic.

Christmas dinner with friends

Delft - Lichtjesavond

Christmas wish Woudestein campus

Delft - Lichtjesavond

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