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Implications coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus the Erasmus Data Service Center (EDSC) is closed between March 16, 2020 and June 15, 2020. We won’t offer workshops and individual support. It also means that it's not possible to use Bloomberg, Datastream, SDC Platinum (Joint Ventures) and Morningstar. 

It's still possible to ask the EDSC a question, use this link

If you need a SMALL AMOUNT (max 1000 companies, max 5 data items) of data from Datastream you can send an e-mail to If your request is larger you need to use WRDS (Compustat and/or CRSP)

It is necessary that you submit an Excel file with information regarding your request containing the following information:

  • List of identifiers in column A of an Excel file, starting in A2
  • List of item codes separated by a comma  (item 1, item2, item 3)
  • Time period (example: from 1-1-2010 till 31-12-2019)
  • Frequency: Annual / quarterly / monthly / daily data 

Have a look at this example file, if your request doesn't meet these requirements we can't accept it..

You can use the Datastream Navigator to search for series and datatypes.
Username: ZERA002
Password: TONIC521 

About the EDSC

The EDSC enables access to financial databases and provides individual support and workshops for students and staff of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.The EDSC mission is to provide excellent research data support for researchers, teachers and students throughout the data lifecycle.

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