Student for a Day Double Degree BSc2 Economics/Econometrics

Register for Student for a Day and experience how it is to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam!

dinsdag, 19 mrt 2019, 08:30


dinsdag, 19 mrt 2019, 13:30

During Student for a Day you will join a student (an ‘Ambassador’) who can tell you all about the bachelor programme of your choice and how it is to study in Rotterdam.

This is what the day looks like:

  • You’ll visit two lectures: one from the Economics and one from the Econometrics programme
  • The Ambassador tells you more about the bachelor programme and about studying in Rotterdam
  • You’ll work on a case and discuss this together with your group
  • You’ll be taken on a campus tour
  • And there’s of course enough time to ask all your questions

Is Student for a Day something for you?

Did you visit the Open Day and are you enthusiastic about studying in Rotterdam? Are you interested in our Double degree BSc² in Econometrics and Economics but did you not make a final decision yet, and would you like to learn a bit more about the programme? Would you like to experience a lecture of the programme and how it is to walk around as a student on our campus?

Are you currently in High School or are you a HBO-student and do you answer all these questions with yes? Then Student for a Day is definitely something for you!

Please note: Don’t forget to bring your calculator to Student for a Day.