Nicole Jacques Oliveira dos Santos

Nicole Jacques Oliveira dos Santos
Focus on your passion!
Nicole Jacques Oliveira dos Santos
Intern at Performer Agency, Amsterdam

I worked for a talent management and marketing agency for established Dutch artists such as actors, DJs and presenters. My main focus at the agency was to help building the international relations. I was given the English title of second assistant, as I took over any work in which the required communication language was English. At my internship, I had to constantly review international casting platforms in order to put forward our artists for valuable projects. Furthermore, I also contacted casting directors, and introduced them to our artists to try and expand the agency’s contacts. Being at the Agency, it taught me the importance of integrity for a company and a professional. Many of the artists have very clear goals and do not accept projects based on salary or popularity. They are very passionate about what they do and try to establish guidelines for themselves.

Understanding the Dutch industry

Most of my work required someone to explain to me how it all worked. In the beginning, I could not pinpoint how my studies helped me in my work. However, I started to notice that I could understand a lot of the communication because I could relate it to the courses. In order to properly do my internship, I had to learn about the industry. When explained how the industry worked in the Netherlands compared to the rest of the world, I was able to identify the Dutch industry as a monopoly and why it had a negative impact on the agency. 

The value of speaking English

Finding an internship was not an easy task. I applied to several of the obvious options such as museums and galleries. However, I was met with many emails stating the position required me to speak Dutch. Therefore, I decided to start applying for positions in Amsterdam where I found the ability of fluently speaking English was more valued. The options were much broader and I found I was able to focus on what I would actually like to work on. I ended up finding Performer Agency when searching according to my interests and decided to email them, even though they had no internship positions advertised on their website. I was met with a positive reply and I believe it was mostly the result of my genuine interest. Therefore, my advice is to focus on your passion and not settle for the first organisation/company that gives you an opportunity. It is wise to start searching early for internships in order to give yourself the benefit of choosing according to interest and not due to desperation. It is important to be honest about your expectations of the job to your company coach so you are both aware of what you would like to learn.