Erasmus MC Campus Hoboken

  • Centre of care, research and education

    Medicine students study at Erasmus MC Campus Hoboken. Erasmus MC is the largest university medical center in the Netherlands. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is housed in the 110-metre- high Erasmus MC building. In the coming years, the hospital and university building will be renovated. Erasmus MC will be the modern hub in the city centre of Rotterdam. 

  • Education Centre

    Erasmus MC Education Centre is an inspiring learning environment where students feel at home and develop professionally by interacting with fellow-students and tutors. It is a place where you are fully supported by the state-of-the-art facilities. This square is the lively centre of the new Erasmus MC learning environment. In the light and spacious square numerous cubicles for self-education are available. Moreover, facilities for studying in groups or relaxing and lounging can be found. The atmosphere is academic and invites to study and meet.