Executive opleidingen

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An executive program at Erasmus University Rotterdam is a good choice if you are a professional who would like to gain more profound knowledge of your areas of expertise. 

The duration of an executive program is six months to two years. Your fellow course members are often working in your own specialism, so following an executive program is an opportunity to create a valuable business and scientific network. 

If you have finished the executive program successfully, you will be rewarderd a diploma or certificate. 

Volgt u liever een kortere cursus in plaats van een volledige opleiding? Dat kan ook. De Erasmus Universiteit heeft een breed aanbod van kwalitatief hoogstaande cursussen.
Brochures Post-experience Master Programmes
Brochures Post-experience Master Programmes
Erasmus University Rotterdam is giving a boost to its offer on open online education. In the coming years, several Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are to be developed on the Coursera platform.
Post-experience Master programmes
We offer what we call post-experience Master programmes, programmes tailored to the needs of professionals who hold or aspire to management positions.