Our mission is to increase the opportunities for talented researchers by helping them to obtain a grant. From the earliest ideas about a new research project to its completion, we can provide in-depth knowledge regarding grants, through grant officers that are embedded in the schools. 

We can help you to identify relevant grants and show you how to use automated tools to get regular updates about funding opportunities. Furthermore, we provide training and organise workshops about the main types of grants. The grant officers will support and coach you during the preparation of your grant application. 

Inside Erasmus Research Services the grant officers are closely linked to research intelligence about the grant success in, e.g. H2020, to provide you with additional guidance. Their close connection with other Erasmus Research Services fields of expertise, such as Legal, Research Data Management and Ethics assures that expert advise is readily available when that is required for your grant application.

Our main activities

  • Training and workshops for various grants 
  • Individual support of applicants
  • Analysis of grant performance 

Our main activities in 2019 

  • University-wide funding calendar
  • Expansion of the portfolio of training and workshops for grants
  • Higher proliferation of Research Professional to identify funding opportunities
  • EU-liaisons (50% EUR campus, 50% Brussels) with close collaborations with grant officers
  • Organising a Writing Retreat for researchers so that they can focus (off-campus) on writing their proposals