Support Programme National and International Research Projects (SNIP)

  • Through the Support Programme National and International Projects (SNIP) the Executive Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam provides financial support for the preparation of research and educational/teaching funding applications for:

    • Collaborative research and teaching in consortia of at least 3 partners;
    • ERC projects;
    • Comenius teaching fellowship;
    • Comenius senior fellowship.
  • The SNIP accepts applications to help cover costs associated with:

    1. Meetings of an international consortium which is preparing a funding application. Eligible costs are:

     a. Travel and accommodation costs in relation to the meeting

    In principle, the support programme funds the outgoing mobility costs for researchers of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Furthermore, the programme allows coordinators to budget incoming mobility of international researchers outside of Erasmus University Rotterdam up to a maximum of 50% of the total budget of the SNIP application.

    b. Costs of renting a meeting room

    c. Costs of catering

    d. Costs of organizing a web or video conference

    1. Support by an external agency for:

    a. An extra pair of eyes’ in the final stages of preparation of a funding application.

    b. Support to improve the visual quality of applications.

    For example design of tables and infographics. Erasmus University Rotterdam has an outline agreement with four design firms who are also available for SNIP researchers.

    1. The hiring of a student assistant to help in the preparation of a proposal.
    2. Teachingreplacement grant for the preparation of a research funding application.


    Maximum amount

    Coordinator in consortia
    of at least 3 partners

    € 10.000

    Non-coordinator in consortia
    of at least 3 partners

    € 5.000

    ERC projects

    € 10.000

    Comenius teaching fellowship

    € 5.000

    Comenius senior fellowship

    € 5.000

    Please be aware that if you have already received financial support from the Executive Board for these particular activities through other channels, this additional SNIP request will not be eligible.

    A final report is expected, including financial justification and a copy of the funding application submitted to the relevant funding body. Payment of the funding shall occur based on the actual costs and after actual submission of the funding proposal to the relevant funding body. The reimbursement of the SNIP must be submitted within one month after the deadline of the funding scheme.

  • Per calendar year an amount of approximately k300 is available for the Support Programme.

    The deadlines for submission are as follows:

    • 15 January 2020
    • 13 March 2020
    • 15 May 2020
    • 15 July 2020
    • 15 September 2020
    • 13 November 2020

    No extension of the SNIP deadlines shall be granted, any proposal submitted after the deadline will however be automatically taken into account for the next deadline. Furthermore, in case the external deadline passed the SNIP application will not be taken into consideration. The reimbursement with an overview of the actual costs, including proof of application, has to be submitted within one month after the deadline of the funding scheme.Payment will take place on the basis of actual costs. The part of the subsidy that has not been used lapses.

  • Applications can be submitted by researchers with a permanent or temporary position at one of the faculties of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The application must be related to research at the Erasmus University. Submitted proposals should be consented by the faculty’s research director or director of the relevant research school or the Head of department in the case of the Erasmus MC. In addition, a financial check by the business controller/financial controller of the respective faculty or the Theme Director in the case of the Erasmus MC is expected before submission. For the applications the use of the format presented in Appendix 1 is mandatory.

  • All submitted applications will be evaluated by a selection committee, consisting of funding experts. The rector magnificus will make the final decision, based on the recommendations by this committee. Selection criteria include:

    • Maturity of the consortium
    • Previous track record with leading projects
    • Feasibility of achieving a complete proposal before the deadline

    The applicants shall be informed personally about the decision of the committee within a month after the deadline of the respective call.

  • Submissions must be sent The proposal should be in English, and should not exceed 4 pages, including the budget submission (see budget format below). Submission must be done in PDF, in one single document.

    The more detailed description of the programme including the format application form can be found in Call 2020 Support Programme National and International Projects (SNIP).