Training Sessions

Preparing for the Rotterdam Marathon at PAC

PAC is the athletics association of Rotterdam. To prepare for the Marathon, but also for the ¼ marathon PAC offers various possibilities which our ECR runners can join.

First of all, there is a regular training program provided by qualified trainers. 
At different levels, groups are prepared for both the marathon and the quarter marathon. 
The training sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7 pm and the organized endurance runs on Sunday morning. You must be a member to join, but with a temporary membership you can also join the sessions.


Temporary membership

With a temporary membership from 1 January up to and including the marathon, you can also join the training sessions. The costs are € 49.50.
You can register on Wednesdays from 7 pm in our clubhouse. We will find you a group that suits you best.

Training runs

In addition, PAC also organizes training courses. During these courses, there will be a front runner ensuring to keep a pace exactly from 6.30 m per kilometer to 5.00 m per kilometer. The distances range from 15 to 35 kilometers. Drinks are offered along the way.

Non-members can also participate for € 5.00 each time


  • 25-02-2018         30km
  • 18-03-2018         35km

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(please note that webpages are in Dutch, but trainers do speak English!)