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ERC Grants are part of the Horizon 2020 programme. A special agency, the European Research Council (ERC), has been set up to implement this programme. It offers financial support to excellent researchers for ground-breaking research through Starting Grants (maximum €1,500,000), Consolidator Grants (maximum €2,000,000), Advanced Grants (maximum €2,500,000) and Proof of Concept Grants (maximum €150,000).

The ERC Starting Grant is designed to support leading researchers of the future in setting up their own research group.

The ERC Consolidator Grant supports researchers at the stage in which they are consolidating their own independent research team or programme.

The ERC Advanced Grant is designed for established researchers and offers them the opportunity to execute highly ambitious and high-risk research.

The ERC Proof of Concept Grant supports scientists who have already received a European subsidy for their research and allows them to draft new commercial or social applications. The grants can be used to apply for patents or to start a business, for example.

  • Prof. X. E. (Xandra) Kramer
    Erasmus School of Law
    Building better civil justice in the EU: procedural innovations

    Effective access to civil justice is of paramount importance to consumers and businesses in the European Union. Four promising innovations in civil justice are the digitalisation of procedures, increased out-of-court procedures, litigation without a lawyer, and court specialisation. Mr dr. Xandra Kramer will conduct research in five EU Member States to evaluate the effect of these trends on the efficiency and quality of civil justice. She will make recommendations to build a better EU civil justice system and to improve legal practice. 

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