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'Your Growth Is Our Strategy'
At STAR we believe that every student should always develop him- or herself besides their studies. On and off campus there are multiple opportunities for extra-curricular activities and we believe that organising and participating in these activities can make a real difference in your life, now and in the future. We all realise that there is more to your study than books and classes.

Together with our partners and the support of RSM Erasmus University we strive to give students a more valuable time at this university and give them the chance to ‘Grow’ even more. STAR recognises these opportunities and we want to stimulate you to do more. Therefore we offer several committees and events in which you can participate. By contributing to our events you can get in touch with interesting world leaders, business people and your fellow students. But the best of all is organising these events yourself and experiencing successes you have never experienced before.

Study Association RSM Erasmus University
STAR is the study association connected to RSM Erasmus University in Rotterdam. RSM Erasmus University consists of the study programs Business Administration and International Business Administration. With more than 5.500 members STAR has in recent years developed into the biggest and the most professional study association of Europe.

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De Financiële Studievereniging Rotterdam (FSR) is een studievereniging die zich richt op studenten in de richting van (Quantitative) Finance, Accounting en Control aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Met een ledenbestand van ruim 2000 studenten is de FSR de grootste onafhankelijke studievereniging van de Erasmus Universiteit. De FSR heeft als doel een brug te slaan tussen theorie en praktijk. Om dit te bereiken probeert de FSR geschikte studenten met passende bedrijven in contact te brengen via het organiseren van diverse activiteiten voor haar leden in samenwerking met het bedrijfsleven. Hierbij valt te denken aan prestigieuze evenementen als de International Banking Cycle, het International Research Project, de Investment Week, de Female Business Tour en de European Finance Tour. Daarnaast organiseert de FSR ook diverse activiteiten met een andere focus: de Valuation, Big 4 Cycle, Multinational Battle en de Asset Management Tour. Tevens organiseert de FSR andere activiteiten die bijdragen aan de algemene ontwikkeling van haar leden in de vorm van workshops, gastcolleges en masterclasses. De FSR heeft sterke relaties met zowel haar partners op de universiteit als in het bedrijfsleven. Zij maken het mogelijk dat alle activiteiten inhoudelijk sterk en van goede kwaliteit zijn. Daarom wordt er veel waarde gehecht aan het onderhouden en verder uitbreiden van deze relaties met partners.

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The Marketing Association EUR (MAEUR) is the official study association for the Marketing Masters of both the RSM and ESE, but provides services for all students interested in marketing. We aim to prepare students as best as possible for their future careers through our three pillars: networking, learning and socializing.

We do this by organizing events such as the Marketing Conference, case competitions such as the Clash of the Marketers, the Advertising Day, the Speeddating event as well as trainings, in-house days and international research projects. This, next to our monthly social drinks, skip trip and interfaculty gala will make sure you are not only ready for whichever job or internship you will start after your time at university, you will also have significantly expanded you professional and social network for the years to come. Because of our close connection with both the ESE and RSM we are also able to provide you with a wide array of university-related events such as the kick-offs at the beginning of the year, several guests lectures and extra points for specific courses if you visit our events. If you’re up for a challenge and want to improve your management skills you can apply to become an active members. This means you will be organizing one of our events – ranging from 50 to  30 participants – with the rest of your committee; the perfect opportunity to gain some practical experience in project management.

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