(Bart) A.A. Bootsma MSc LLM

(Bart) A.A. Bootsma MSc LLM

Erasmus School of Law Corporate and Financial Law
Erasmus University Rotterdam
L 7-050
+31 10 4081536

Latest academic publication

A.A. Bootsma & T.A. Keijzer (2017). Snap Inc. De eerste beursgang met stemrechtloze aandelen in de V.S. Ondernemingsrecht, 68 (8), 400-406.

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Title of research: Financial Incentives for Shareholders: A Corporate Law and Economics and Corporate Constitutional Perspective.

Promotors: Prof. H.M. Vletter-van Dort and Prof. M.G. Faure

The short-term focus on the part of shareholders is a root cause of the current financial crisis. A subsequent key question concerns how companies can ensure that their behaviour and policy have a long-term direction. Commitment on the part of institutional investors, as long-term shareholders, can be stimulated, however, and offering certain financial privileges, such as loyalty dividend, loyalty warrants, and voting dividend, to stable shareholders has been proposed. This research investigates the economic desirability and the legal possibility of these financial incentives. To analyse such incentives, an innovative theoretical framework (corporate constitutionalism) that complements the law and economics framework is used.

Bart holds an MSc degree in Economics and Business (2009) and an LL.M. degree in Commercial Law (2010, cum laude) from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His master’s thesis, the topic of which was equal treatment of shareholders, won two prizes and has been published as a book. Bart participated in the Honours Master Class: Research Lab 2010. His research proposal was awarded a four-year grant in the NWO Open Competition for the Social Sciences. In 2011 and 2012, Bart worked twice for half a year on a research project for the Dutch Monitoring Committee Corporate Governance Code. He has (co-)authored several papers in Dutch journals. His research interests are in corporate law and corporate governance.


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Burg. Oudlaan 50 3062 PA Rotterdam

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