prof.dr. (Bas) B Jacobs

prof.dr. (Bas) B Jacobs

Sijbren Cnossen Professor of Public Economics

Visiting fellow Erasmus School of Economics Economics
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Bas Jacobs is the Sijbren Cnossen professor of Public Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. Please visit his homepage for biographical information, his curriculum vitae and his publications:

  • Bas Jacobs (2013) - Sociaal Leenstelsel in de Masterfase
  • Bas Jacobs (2012) - De Economische en Monetaire Unie
  • Bas Jacobs (2012) - Commentaar Wet Houdbare Overheidsfinanciën
  • Bas Jacobs (2011) - Een Welvaartseconomische Analyse van Leefvormafhankelijke Belastingen
  • Bas Jacobs (2011) - Bijdrage Hoorzitting AOW- Spaarfonds
  • Bas Jacobs (2009) - Finanzarchiv (Journal)
  • Bas Jacobs (2009) - Economic Policy (Journal)
  • Bas Jacobs (2007) - Welfare States and the Incentives for Skill Formation, Skill Utilization, and Skill Depreciation
  • Bas Jacobs (2007) - Waarom is de VVD niet echt Liberaal?
  • Bas Jacobs (2007) - Human Capital and Optimal Positive Taxation of Capital income

  • Bas Jacobs (2007) - Vidi Grant of the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO) for excellent young scientists with research proposal ' Skill Formation in Distorted Labor Markets"

Indirect Tax Policy

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  • Albert Hummel

    policy design in imperfect labor markets

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