(Fabienne) FQ van Rossenberg

(Fabienne) FQ van Rossenberg
Researcher Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Developmental Neuroscience in Society
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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Fabienne is junior researcher in the SYNClab and program manager of the youth participation platform YoungXperts.

She is particularly interested in the characteristics of the current generation of adolescents. Nowadays adolescents experience different societal challenges than older generations did when they were young. Knowing how generation characteristics, societal challenges and someone’s personal environment interact and affect development will enable us to provide adolescents with tools to grow up optimally. To study this she uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Most importantly, she believes adolescents should have a say in the matter which is why she is actively involved in citizen science initiatives. Via the youth participation platform YoungXperts, she organises youth participation sessions, thereby aiming to bridge the gap between science and society.  

Fabienne has a background in psychobiology (University of Amsterdam, 2016). After obtaining her bachelor degree she continued with the research master Brain and Cognitive Sciences (2020) at the University of Amsterdam. She has previously worked as a research assistant in the Brain and Development Lab in Leiden and the Sleep and Cognition lab in Amsterdam.

Research interests: Living lab method, citizen science, generation characteristics, prosocial behavior, environmental factors, adolescence and young adulthood

  • SW (Suzanne) van de Groep, EAM (Eveline) Crone, LW (Lysanne) te Brinke, KH (Kayla) Green, LWP (Renske) van der Cruijsen & FQ (Fabienne) van Rossenberg (2022) - NWA Science Communication Grant: Youth participation as a way to deal with a triple crisis

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