(Gizem) G Yalcin

(Gizem) G Yalcin
PhD candidate Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Marketing Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Gizem Yalcin is a 4th year doctoral candidate in Marketing at the Rotterdam School of Management. Her specialization is consumer behavior, and she is very much interested in the concept of technology and how it affects the way consumers behave. 

Her research mainly explores how consumers process and react to the information (e.g., recommendations, decision outcomes) provided by algorithms or humans. In addition to this line of inquiry, She studies prosocial behavior, and work on how consumers decide where to donate to and how to motivate consumers to make more effective donations. She employs a mix of methods to address my research questions, including lab/online panel studies, field experiments, secondary data analysis, content analysis, and meta-analysis.

Gizem completed her undergraduate studies (BSc) in Management at Bilkent University (summa cum laude) with a major in marketing & innovation and a minor in psychology. She graduated cum laude in 2017 from Erasmus University's research master (MPhil) program with a specialization in marketing. During her PhD, she was a visiting graduate researcher at University of British Columbia (2018) and Cornell University (2019).

She has received many grants during her graduate studies, including the ERIM Achievement Grant (2015) and grant from the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (2016). Additionally, she has received several awards during her studies including the Bruins Prize (2017), which is intended for research students who excel in terms of their academic performance, the Beattie Award (2019) which is given to advanced graduate students who study judgment and decision making, Talent Placement Award (2020), and AMA Mathew Joseph Emerging Scholar Award (2021). To learn more, please visit her personal website.

  • Gabriele Paolacci & Gizem Yalcin (2020) - Fewer but Poorer: Benevolent Partiality in Prosocial Preferences - Judgment and Decision Making, 15 (2), 173-181

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bachelor 3, pre-master, Pre-master Business Administration (English language)
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