(Jaco) C.J. van den Dool MA

(Jaco) C.J. van den Dool MA

Lecturer Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication Department of Arts & Culture Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Latest academic publication

C.J. van den Dool (2018). Learning with the body: investigating the link between musical interaction and the acquisition of musical knowledge and skills. In Traditional Musics in the Modern World. Dordrecht: Springer

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My life revolves around education and innovation. I offer arts education courses for bachelor and master students at the Department of Arts and Culture Studies. Besides learning about arts education, these courses aim at encouraging students to personalize their learning trajectory. Premised on engagement theories, I strive at motivating students to personalize their assignments, which significantly increases academic course engagement. 

Currently, I hold a professorship on ‘Blended Learning’ at Codarts University of the Arts. In this position, I research the ways in which digital tools can improve artistic learning and teaching in the fields of dance, music and circus. In addition, I am the director of School of Performing Arts Kathmandu, founded in 2011. After the destructive earthquake in 2015 this institute mainly focuses on providing music therapy for homeless children and performing arts classes for government schools and orphanages.