dr. (Liselotte) L Gootjes

dr. (Liselotte) L Gootjes
Assistant professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Brain and Cognition
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Laterality and Asymmetry between the hemisphere; studied in relation to:

  • connectivity within the brain as examined with MEG and EEG
  • dichotic listening and auditory attention
  • effects of yoga, meditation and stress-reducing techniques on emotional processing in the brain
  • age effects

  • Liselotte Gootjes (2005) - Cognitie, connectiviteit en hemisferische lateraliteit: onderzoek bij gezonde ouderen en patienten met de ziekte van Alzheimer - NeuroPraxis, 9 (3), 71-75

  • Liselotte Gootjes & A Bouma (2012) - Dichotische Luistertest (DLT) - Pearson Assesment and Information

  • Liselotte Gootjes, EC Bruggeling, T Magnee & Jan Strien (2008) - Sex differences in functional connectivity during mental rotation: an eeg study

  • Liselotte Gootjes (2004) - Hemispheric connectivity and laterality of language processing - exploring the brain of young adults, elderly and Alzheimer patients - Vrije universiteit Amsterdam

  • Jan Strien, Liselotte Gootjes, SJE (Sandra) Langeslag & Ingmar Franken (2009) - Facial fear attenuates the ERP old/new effect
  • Liselotte Gootjes, Ingmar Franken & Jan Strien (2009) - Cognitive emotion regulation in meditation practioners: an EEG study

4.2P Electrophysiology

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