(Marco) M. Fabbri

Erasmus School of Law

Civil Law

Erasmus University Rotterdam

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E: fabbri@law.eur.nl

Fields of expertise:

  • Behavioural Law and Economics
  • Experimental Legal Studies
  • Economic Analysis of Criminal Law
  • Law and Economics

Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort: Relevance for Policymaking

  • Fabbri, M. (2012). Accrescere il Capitale Sociale attraverso una Politica Comportamentale. In Capitale Sociale e Mezzogiorno: Raccolta di Saggi.
  • Fabbri, M. (2017, maart 01). Presentation about the research project 'Our land vs. My Land. Lab-in-the-field experiment in West Africa. Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Erasmus Statistic Day.
  • Fabbri, M. (2017). Research project in West Africa (two monts of field work (January-February), succesfully completed).
  • Fabbri, M. (2016). ESL Innovation Grant (toegekend, € 9,600).
  • Fabbri, M. (2016). Application submitted for VENI grant (project 'How Institutions Shape Preferences').
  • Fabbri, M., Faure, M.G., Mascini, P., Mongbo, R.L. & Floquet, A. (2016). Application submitted to ARF Grant (€ 450,000).
  • Fabbri, M. (2016). Trustfonds grant (toegekend, € 5,000).
  • Fabbri, M. (periode: 2017 t/m 2017). Referee - Journal 'International Review of Law and Economics'.
  • Fabbri, M. (periode: 2017 t/m 2017). Referee - Journal 'Public Finance Archive'.


University Erasmus University Rotterdam
School Erasmus School of Law
Department Civil Law
Country The Netherlands


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Campus Woudestein Postbus 1738
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 3000 DR Rotterdam
3062 PA Rotterdam