(Samantha) S. Melis MSc

PhD researcher International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) ISS PhD
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Latest academic publication

R.A. Mena Fluhmann, D. Hilhorst & S. Melis (2017). Conflicts and disasters: an integrated debate for peacebuilding and development. (nieuwsbrief). IPRA (International Peace Research Association). (available: 30 Jan 2017).

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Samantha Melis is a PhD candidate involved in the research project on disaster response in complex scenarios.

She has both research and professional experience in (post)conflict countries, working as a Programme Advisor for ZOA in Burundi for three years, coordinating an impact-evaluation research in Liberia and conducting research in the Palestinian Terroritories on water as a source of mobilization and dissent. She has further been involved in short-term work for the Palestinian Hydrology Group in Ramallah and The Carter Center in Atlanta.

She has an interdisciplinary academic background: BA Liberal Arts and Sciences, MA Conflict Studies and Human Rights and MSc Cultures and Development Studies.

  • PhD researcher

    Erasmus University Rotterdam
    International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
    ISS PhD


Visiting address

Kortenaerkade 12 2518 AX 's-Gravenhage

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Postbus 29776 2502 LT 's-Gravenhage