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Shirley Nieuwland is a PhD candidate within the Erasmus Initiative ‘Vital Cities and Citizens’ in which she focusses on exploring sustainable urban tourism models in post-industrial cities that have seen a recent growth in tourism, like Rotterdam and Valencia. The project includes research topics such as urban development, (urban) tourism, the sharing economy, the creative city and gentrification processes. The project is supervised by prof. dr. Filip Vermeylen and dr. Mariangela Lavanga.

She also founded Paradise Found, a website that is all about responsible travelling. This does not only involve being conscious about environmental sustainability, it also makes you think about supporting the local culture and economy while travelling.

Shirley obtained her BA in Arts and Culture Studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam after which she moved to Radboud University in Nijmegen to receive a MSc in Human Geography with specializations in Urban & Cultural Geography and Tourism.

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