dr. (Ying) Y Zhang

dr. (Ying) Y Zhang

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Chinese Economy and Business

Associate professor Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Department of Organisation and Personnel Management
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam
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[Dr. ir. Ying Zhang ][Dr. ir. Ying Zhang]owns a cross-disciplinary background including industrial engineering, traditional chinese medicine, economics, and management. She actively contributes as a scholar, educator, advisor, [TEDxSpeaker][], business developer, and a social entrepreneur. At RSM, she is an Associate Dean for China Business & Relations, a tenured Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation; she is also the founder and the head of the [Erasmus-Huawei Collaboration Program][],[ ][Link 1][New Silk Road Institute][New Silk Road_Institute], [Erasmus China Business Center][], and executive chairwoman of [Identitat Global Forum][]. Professor Zhang has been a [Visiting Professor and a Research Fellow at Harvard University][] (Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School), [Honorary Professor at Beijing Jiaotong University ][Honorary Professor at Beijing Jiaotong University]and a guest professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She serves as a [strategic advisor][] at Strategic Swiss Partners; a Global Network Partner for [GLORAD][], an Academic Advisory Board Member of [Amsterdam School of International Business][]; and a Senior Academic Advisor for the Steering Group of Dutch National Framework of the BBA Program International Business. Professor Zhang is awarded as one of[ the Top 30 Thinkers][the Top 30 Thinkers] under the Radar by Thinkers50.com,  [“Top 40 Business School Professor Under 40”][Top 40 Business School Professor_Under 40]  worldwide; [A NativeSociety Featured Business School Professors][A NativeSociety_Featured Business School Professors] in the USA, an Elite Professional Woman by National Association of Professional Women (in the USA), and [Harvard Business Review China Business Mentor][].  She is also an active contributor to the [Belt-Road-Initiative][] in Europe and the Project Leader (from Erasmus) in China’s National Key Research on International Inland Transportation under China’s Belt-Road-Initiative Plan and China’s Strategic International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation. Professor Zhang's academic insight on United Nations SDG9 has won 2019  ["MOOC Award of Excellence][MOOC Award of Excellence] " from SDGAcademy and UNSDSN.  

 Professor Zhang promotes the relevance of academic research and argues for the necessity of cross-sector collaboration between business, education research,  and social-economic circumstance.  She advocates the value of social innovation as well as the effort to build a sustainable community. Her studies and opinions have been published and quoted by the global leading media and managerial journals such as Bloomberg, Financial Times, ChinaDaily, China Economics Net,  Washington Post, China Policy Review (Formerly China Economic Report), Caixin, EuroBiz, NRC, China Radio International, RushHour(AM1300), EUreporter, People's Daily, EFMD GlobalFocus, Wirtschafts Woche, CKGSB Knowledge, Managerial Insight, SAGE Knowledge, Harvard Business Review, and Harvard Economics Review, etc. Professor Zhang applies phenomena-driven analytical teaching methodology by using her teaching cases from HBS, RSM, and IVEY and encouraging students' cross-disciplinary development.  Her speeches are among with governments, NGOs, Corporates at educational, industrial, and political forums such as with Academic of Management Association, Management and Organization Review, EFMD- AACSB-Associated Deans Meetings, European Union Think-Tanks, Horasis  Conferences, World Economic Forum, European Space Agency, [NRC][], CCTV, as well as [TED Talk ][TED Talk], etc. 

On research, Professor Zhang supervises cross-disciplinary studies at graduate, executive, and Ph.D. level.  Her research and derived social impact are at both macro and micro levels, from both an academic and practice angle, varying from social-economic transition and entrepreneurship development, Inequality-based society towards equality-based sharing value society and [future of jobs][], to corporate entrepr

  • Ying Zhang, R (Rui) Shen & Y Tang (2014) - Speciality Product and CSR
  • Ying Zhang & A Van Stel (2014) - Economic Antecedents of Regional Entrepreneurship Development in China
  • Ying Zhang, R (Rui) Shen & Y Tang (2014) - To be special, to be responsible: how product specificity affect social responsibility
  • Ying Zhang & A Van Stel (2013) - Economic Antecedents of Chinese Entrepreneurship Development in the ambidexterity forms
  • Ying Zhang (2013) - Chinese Firms Strategic-Asset-Seeking OFDI In Developed Countries

  • Ying Zhang (25 maart 2018) - ?????????:????????????? Comment from RSM Professor on US initiated Trade War - Commentator
  • Ying Zhang (28 maart 2017) - The Netherlands, A land You don't Know - Dialogue

  • Ying Zhang (21 januari 2020) - BRI and the New World Order in a Paradoxical World - organizer, speaker, and moderator
  • Ying Zhang (26 juni 2017) - Fiends of Europe - Keynote Speaker
  • Ying Zhang (14 maart 2017) - Dutch Election-- Guiding EU Politics - Commentary
  • Ying Zhang (26 januari 2017) - China warned of risk to banks from One Belt, One Road initiative - opinion contributor
  • Ying Zhang (15 november 2016) - China Through Western Eyes (by Eureporter) - Panelist
  • Ying Zhang (30 oktober 2015) - Commenting on "Initiative success hinges on infrastructure funding"--on Media China Daily - Commenter

  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2021) - Covid 19 and its Economic Impact, presented by dr. Ying Zhang at Annual Meeting of American Association of Colleges and Universities - Covid 19 and its Economic Impact, presented by dr. Ying Zhang at Annual Meeting of American Association of Colleges and Universities

  • Ying Zhang (2014) - Horasis Global China Business Meeting - Horasis Global China Business Meeting

  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2020) - Firm Survival and Innovation in Emerging Markets: The case of China
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2019) - The Value of Happiness in Entrepreneurship
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2018) - Investigations of reward-based crowdfunding success
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2017) - Cooperatives, Networks, and Social Capital

  • Ying Zhang (2020) - Harvard Business Review (External organisation)
  • Ying Zhang (2018) - New Silk Road Institute ( Think Tank) (External organisation)
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Erasmus University & Huawei Technologies West Europe (External organisation)
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2017) - AMSTERDAM SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (External organisation)

  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2018) - Strategic Swiss Partners (External organisation)

  • Ying Zhang (2020) - Reimagine what we build - The third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Insights event
  • Ying Zhang (2019) - Innovation towards balanced development - Driving business towards the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ying Zhang (2018) - Future of Jobs - Erasmus Career Week
  • Ying Zhang (2018) - China and the World: Past, Current, and the Future - MiP FT MBA Lecture
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - China and the World - GCI Webinar: China and the World
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - TED Talk - The Purpose of Education on the Social Side of Business - TEDxAmsterdamxWomen
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Happiness, Wellbeing, and Education - China’s Poverty Allevation Project via Education: training program for excellent school principals
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Doing Research and Publication. Seminar for PhD. students and Faculties in Beijing Jiaotong University. - Research Seminar BJTU
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Case Development Seminar. - Case Development and Research Seminar
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Globalization and Localization, Surviving and Thriving - Tibet Univeristy Lecture
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Doing Business with China: Negotiation and Intercultural Communication - CASA ASIA
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - Keynote Speaker: China and World - GCI Amsterdam Conference: China and the World after G20 Hangzhou Summit
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - Keynote speaker on Business Education in 21st Century - NATIONAL JOINT PLATFORM WORK CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurship in Education - Management and Organization Review- Second Frontier Research Conference
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - China Business - SAGE Knowledge, Video Experts
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - How do Cultural layers interact with current critical managerial topics: Sustainability management and Organizational change? A managerial, academic, and consulting perspective - 2016 IACMR Conference-PDW 22A
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - To survive and thrive: Who are we: social-value oriented business school development - EFMD Conference on External Relationship, Marketing, and Alumni
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - China and Entreprenuership - China Economy Seminar
  • Ying Zhang (2015) - Teaching Note for "Chery Automobile: Chinese Firms Catching Up" - IVEY CASE Publishing (case no.9B14M142)
  • Ying Zhang (2014) - Business Education in Technological Environment - 2014 International Business School Dean’s Workshop
  • Ying Zhang (2014) - Navigating the research process in management: a comprehensive practical guide and specific critical juncture decision points - 2014 IACMR PDW 20A - Organizer and Speaker
  • Ying Zhang & D Degravel (2014) - Navigating the research process in management: a comprehensive practical guide and specific critical juncture decision points - Association International Chinese Management Research Conference
  • Ying Zhang (2014) - To be special, to be responsible: How product specificity affects corporate social responsibility - MSI academic Seminar
  • Ying Zhang (2013) - Entrepreneurship Research in the Chinese context - Seminar at Xi'an for Events of Alliances of Chinese and European School
  • Ying Zhang (2013) - EMEs from China and Chinese catching-up - Research seminar and international cooperation between Zhejiang University and RSM
  • Ying Zhang (2012) - Catching-up and Chinese Multinationals - Keynote speaker at 38th European International Business Academy (EIBA) Annual Conference----COST Action panel of Emerging Market Multinationals in Advanced Countries
  • Ying Zhang (2012) - Chinese Firms' Catching-Up Via Corporate Entrepreneurship Strategy of Network - ERIM Research Seminar
  • Ying Zhang (2012) - Chinese Entrepreneurship - BIAS 2012 China & Innovation seminar at Rotterdam School of Management

  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Rotterdam and Hong Kong make One Belt, One Road Work for You - Rotterdam and Hong Kong make One Belt, One Road Work for You
  • Ying Zhang (2017) - Striving, Thriving, and Happiness, and Prosperity. - Huawei Executive Lecture
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - Winning with Talent - Horasis China Meeting
  • Ying Zhang (2015) - Collaboration between West and East: A Global View - Annual Expert Meetings with Dutch Key Decision Makers in the Financial Industry

  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2021) - the Case Center Awards and Competitions
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2020) - Harvard Business Review China Management Mentor
  • Ying Zhang (2019) - SDG MOOC Award of Excellence Award
  • Ying Zhang (2019) - "MOOC Award of Excellence Award" from SDGAcademy and UNSDSN on the Academic Insights for SDG9: Innovation towards balanced development- Driving Business towards SDGs
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2019) - Thinkers50 Radar list of 30 next-generation business thinkers
  • Ying Zhang (2016) - Featured Professor in Education and Business Schools
  • Y (Ying) Zhang & SL (Steef) van de Velde (2016) - CSC Project: Localization and Globalization of Chinese With “One Belt-One-Road” Strategy
  • Ying Zhang (2015) - 2015 Best 40 under 40: Best 40 Business School Professors Under 40 Years Old
  • Y (Ying) Zhang (2015) - Honorary Professor
  • Ying Zhang (2013) - CSC phd project: Cooperation, Cognition, and Corporate Entrepreneurship Development from Both Sides of the World: China and the Netherlands

  • Anna Petruchenya

    Essays on Cooperatives:Emergence, Retained Earnings, and Market Shares
  • Fan Jia

    The Value of Happiness in Entrepreneurship

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