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  • (Jorrit) J Alkema

    (Jorrit) J Alkema

  • (Begum) B Bilgin

    (Begum) B Bilgin

  • dr. (Irma) I Bogenrieder

    dr. (Irma) I Bogenrieder

    Irma Bogenrieder is an associate professor of organisational processes at the Department of Organization and Personnel Management, Rotterdam School of…
  • dr. (Lisanne) L van Bunderen

    dr. (Lisanne) L van Bunderen

  • dr. (Anne) A Burmeister

    dr. (Anne) A Burmeister

    Anne Burmeister is Assistant Professor Human Resource Management at Rotterdam School of Management Organisation & Personnel Management She has obtained her…
  • dr. (Tina) TIN Davidson

    dr. (Tina) TIN Davidson

    Tina Davidson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management of Rotterdam School of Management.  She is interested in how…
  • dr. (Wendong) W Deng

    dr. (Wendong) W Deng

  • prof.dr. (Dirk) HGH van Dierendonck

    prof.dr. (Dirk) HGH van Dierendonck

    Dirk van Dierendonck is professor of Human Resource Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). His areas of expertise include human…
  • dr. (Bart) HMS Dietz

    dr. (Bart) HMS Dietz

  • dr. (Hugo) H van Driel

    dr. (Hugo) H van Driel

    Hugo van Driel studied history of society at Erasmus University Rotterdam. His major field of interest is business history. He performed several historical…

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