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  • dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    Dr. Michelle Achterberg is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in social emotional development. In her studies, she focusses on the…
  • (Asimina) A Aslanidou MSc

    (Asimina) A Aslanidou MSc

  • dr. (Andrik) AI Becht

    dr. (Andrik) AI Becht

    Andrik Becht is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC lab ( and at the Youth & Family department, Utrecht University. His…
  • dr. (Michiel) MC Boog

    dr. (Michiel) MC Boog

    Dr. Michiel Boog is a researcher at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Antes (a mental healthcare organization in Rotterdam). At the Erasmus University…
  • (Philip) P Brandner MSc

    (Philip) P Brandner MSc

  • (Lysanne) LW te Brinke

    (Lysanne) LW te Brinke

    Lysanne te Brinke is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in prosocial and antisocial development. She currently works on an ERC…
  • prof.dr. (Eveline) EAM Crone

    prof.dr. (Eveline) EAM Crone

    Prof. Eveline Crone is full professor in Developmental Neuroscience in Society and she leads the SYNC lab (Society, Youth and Neuroscience Connected). The…
  • drs. (Renske) LWP van der Cruijsen

    drs. (Renske) LWP van der Cruijsen

    Renske is a PhD Candidate in the Society, Youth, and Neuroscience Connected (SYNC) lab, studying behavioural and neural development of self-concept in…
  • (Simone) S Dobbelaar MSc

    (Simone) S Dobbelaar MSc

    Simone Dobbelaar is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus SYNC lab at Erasmus University Rotterdam and the CHANGE lab at Leiden University. During her PhD, Simone…
  • (Lina) L van Drunen

    (Lina) L van Drunen

    Lina van Drunen is an external PhD candidate of Developmental Neuroscience in Society at Erasmus University RotterdamLina studies the individual differences in…