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  • (Muhammad) M Ashar

    (Muhammad) M Ashar

    Health Econometrics, Program Evaluation, Costing of health intervention
  • dr. (Arthur) AE Attema

    dr. (Arthur) AE Attema

    Arthur E. Attema is an Associate Professor at the Health Economics department of ESHPM. His main research interests include behavioral and experimental…
  • dr. (Pieter) PHM van Baal

    dr. (Pieter) PHM van Baal

    Pieter van Baal is an associate professor of Health Economics. His research focuses on the methodology of cost effectiveness analayses, modeling of diseases…
  • dr. (Pieter) PLH Bakx

    dr. (Pieter) PLH Bakx

    I am an associate professor affiliated with the Health Economics group at the Erasmus School for Health Policy and Management. Furthermore, I am a fellow of the…
  • (Marlies) M Bar

    (Marlies) M Bar

  • dr. (David) DJ Blok

    dr. (David) DJ Blok

    David Blok is an academic researcher at the Erasmus Movez Lab. In June 2018, he successfully defended his dissertation, entitled “Introducing systems approaches…
  • (Judith) JAM Bom

    (Judith) JAM Bom

  • dr. (Igna) IEJ Bonfrer

    dr. (Igna) IEJ Bonfrer

    Assistant Professor in Global Health Economics studying the effective use of innovative incentives to improve health care systems around the world. Dr. Bonfrer…
  • (Sander) S Boxebeld

    (Sander) S Boxebeld

    In my research, I focus on the methodology of preference elicitation and choice modelling and on the formation of public policy preferences, with an application…
  • (Callum) CS Brindley

    (Callum) CS Brindley

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