Media & Journalistiek

Aansluitende masters voor Pre-master Media Studies

After this pre-master's programme, you are an eligible candidate for one of the specialisations of the master's programme Media Studies.

Erasmus University is a top-rated university with a strong international outlook in a modern, cosmopolitan city. Our master's programmes in Media Studies focus on a vital and rewarding field of study, which will help you understand contemporary global society, the workings of the media and creative industries, and the role of media in various social domains, such as business, politics, and the arts. Your knowledge of new digital technologies, globalisation, culture and business provides an excellent basis to jump-start your professional career. 

You are trained to grasp and respond to complex problems in media, business, culture and society, and to start a career any of a number of fields in the public or private sector such as management, marketing, public relations, journalism or consultancy, but you could also pursue a career in research. 

Specialisations: four distinct programmes in Media Studies

Please see below for information about the various specialisations within this Master. All four programmes are offered full-time or part-time.