Reference managers

Using a reference manager (also known as bibliographical software or citation management tool) can be very useful for your research:

  • It helps you manage the literature you find: you can add keywords to references and create folders with literature on a particular subject. Some reference managers allow you to store the actual pdf-files of articles, so you have them all in one place.
  • You can use it to create reference lists and in-text citations or footnotes in different styles, like the APA-style or the Chicago-style.
  • Some reference managers allow you to share your references with other researchers.

We advise you to spend some time to decide if you are going to use a reference manager and which one you are going to use. There are a number of reference managers available. This is a small selection:   

  • RefWorks is a web-based reference manager. It is free of charge available for students and researchers of the EUR. To use RefWorks, you have to create an account yourself. The University Library offers support, by offering an online course and a monthly workshop. You can also request a tailored workshop. 
    To create citations or footnotes in a text in Word, you need to install the tool Write-N-Cite on your computer. When you use an @wEURK computer, you can find the tool in the Application Catalog with the name: ProQuest for Word.

  • EndNote is reference manager you have to install on your computer. Researchers of the Erasmus MC can buy EndNote at a friendly price at SurfSpot, other employees of the EUR have to buy EndNote themselves. The Medical Library offers support

  • Mendeley is a reference manager and an academic social network. It's especially useful to manage pdf-files saved on your computer, because it creates a fully searchable database of your papers. You can register for free, but if you want to use certain group features you have to buy a Team Plan.
    When you use an @wEURk computer, you can find Mendeley Desktop in the Application Catalog. To create citations or footnotes in a text, you need to download the MS Word Plugin (available in Mendeley Desktop). 

  • Zotero is open source reference management software. The original Zotero is embedded within Firefox, but you can also choose to use Zotero Standalone, a separate, browser-independent application.
    To create citations or footnotes in a text, you need to install the Zotero word processor plugin

 An extensive overview of bibliographical management tools can be found here.