Legal Support

Support for legal aspects of research data

In your research project, there are, at various stages, legal aspects to address, with regards to research data. Intellectual Property Rights, Contracts and Agreements, Privacy and Data Protection all can play a significant role in your research. We can support you with answering these questions. 

Privacy in a nutshell

With regards to privacy, we all have two perspectives: how is our privacy protected and how can we, as a researcher, protect the privacy of the people involved in our research - 'the data subjects’? If you wonder why privacy and data protection are relevant in your research and would like quick access to what is meant by privacy and data protection, please have a glance at these one page reference cards, for the basic relevant context.

Please find the Privacy Reference Cards Why and What below (click to access the full PDF): 

Privacy Reference Card - Why                   Privacy Reference Card - What

Similar Reference Cards will be published here to clarify the basic notions of the relevant legal aspects.

How To Treat Personal Data In Research?

In this infographic (clickable) the way to treat personal data before, during and after research is described.

How To Treat Personal Data In Research?

Informed Consent 

Please find the EUR standard Informed Consent Form and the corresponding information sheet.

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