Share data safely and easily: SURFdrive


Erasmus University Rotterdam provides its faculty and staff with a safe, easy and secure way to exchange data with EUR colleagues as well as with colleagues from other universities. This service, SURFdrive, meets the needs of secure exchange of research data, as well as the files that are currently exchanged via public cloud services like Dropbox. You control which data you share with whom and during which period of time. 

How to access

You are welcome to use SURFdrive with your ERNA account. Login via: 

SURFdrive is accessible via the web interface via a web browser on your computer (Windows, Linux, OS X) via 

You can also download and install the SURFdrive client (Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android) on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Now you can easily drag and drop files to folders on your computer or device locally and, provided you have access to wifi, the files and folders will sync with the SURFdrive cloud, ensuring you have access to all your files from your computer and devices. 

Manual for installing SURFdrive on your @wEURk workplace

Manual for installing SURFdrive on your computer at home

If you want to share folders or files with a colleague, there are two ways to do so. Either she or he is faculty or staff at a Dutch University or HBO institution, and has access to SURFdrive in a way similar to you. She or he will use their institution’s account to logon. If this is not the case, you van share your folders/files with your colleague, based on her/his (business) email address. Here’s the manual for both ways: 

Manual for sharing folders and files with colleagues from within as well as outside the EUR

What do I get

SURFdrive features at a glance:

  • 100 GB of storage. Maximum file size: 16 GB each.
  • Synchronisation of your folders and files on your workspace, your tablet and smartphone, enabling easy access to your same set of files in the latest version.
  • If you work somewhere without network connection, for instance on your laptop, you can work offline in your SURFdrive folders or files. Once a network connection becomes available again, synchronisation of your offline files with SURFdrive starts.
  • Easy and secure file sharing.
  • The communication to and from SURFdrive is secure (HTTPS), but the files themselves are not, by default, encrypted. SURFdrive is suitable for sensitive information only after you encrypt your file(s) and/or folders. See here how to do this.
  • Place and time independent login with your ERNA account / password.
  • Changes made by others within documents are made visible.
  • Optimized for smartphone and / or tablet. 


For support, please contact the USC ITS Servicedesk. Telephone: 010 4088880. Email: