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Thesis submission process and graduation

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Thesis submission process and graduation for full-time master programme students

Thesis Online Platform

RSM makes use of an online platform to support the thesis process, called Thesis Online Platform (TOP). Students will submit their final proposal and final thesis in the system. Coaches and co-readers will approve or disapprove the documents in TOP. At the end, after the defense, the final assessment and grading is recorded in TOP. For more information about thesis submission process please refer to

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The Process

What do I need to do in order to Graduate?
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The Graduation Ceremony

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To make sure graduation day and the graduation award ceremony proceeds smoothly we have made the following arrangements. The protocol applies to those students taking their master’s examination.

  • The graduation ceremony will take place in one of the examination rooms in the A-building (please check your invitation for the correct location)
  • On graduation day you should report to room AB-11 (examination rooms 1 up to 4) or AT-11 (examination rooms 5 up to 8) in the A-building fifteen minutes before the examination session begins.
  • After you have reported you and your guests will be offered a cup of tea or coffee
  • A member of the university staff will then call your name for the interview which will take about 45 minutes
  • At the interview the first fifteen minutes or so will be spent on explaining your research, its methods and
    conclusions as they have been presented in your thesis, after which the committee will ask you questions about your thesis.
  • The members of the committee will then leave the examination room to deliberate on the final mark
  • Once the final mark has been agreed the committee members will return to the examination room.
  • The chairman will award you the graduation certificate and the accompanying list of marks.
  • After this there will be an opportunity for congratulations in the hall

The university complex has a variety of restaurants where you can continue your celebrations. It is advisable to inquire in advance about the options and to make a reservation in good time. The Examination administration hopes the day goes well for you.


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