Talent Day

The Executive Board of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) is proud to present its talented researchers.

In the past year the exceptional performance of these researchers has earned them various grants and subsidies ranging from the prestigious Mosaic subsidy to the Vici grant for highly talented researchers who have successfully developed an innovative line of research. An exceptional event is the recent award of ERC Advanced Investigator Grant to Professor Dr A.D.M.E. Osterhaus. With the Advanced Grant, the European Research Council aims to encourage excellent research of experienced researchers. The grant involves a maximum of 3.5 million for the duration of five years.

A Talent Day to celebrate these awards is being organised on Tuesday 16 February 2010. Students who successfully pursued the Erasmus Honours Programme in 2009 are also invited to the festive event alongside the award winners.

To all those involved we say well done, and we thank the Vereniging Trustfonds EUR, that annually awards prizes for all talents, for co-sponsoring the Talent Day.