Erasmus MC Fellow

Erasmus MC encourages young, promising researchers in their scientific careers. The programme supports the Erasmus MC policy of giving the women working in our organisation positions in which they can be role models for female students, specialists in training and PhD students. The fellowship gives laureates the opportunity to work in a renowned research centre in another country for up to six months, where they will gain experience of new research developments and familiarise themselves with those developments.

Erasmus MC Fellow

Dr C. (Caroline) Cheng
Erasmus MC, Department of Molecular Cardiology
The role of angiogenic factors in atherosclerosis development and plaque vulnerability

Dr N.M.S. (Natasja) de Groot
Erasmus MC, Department of Cardiology
Identification of electropathological alterations of the atria

Dr H.G.P. (Marc) Raaijmakers MD, PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Hematology
Bone cells and the development of leukaemia
Dr A.T. (Ajda) Rowshani MD, PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Internal Medicine and Transplantation
Macrophage as a biomarker for early and late graft outcome and a potential target for treatment in solid organ transplantation

Dr M.C. (Menno) van Zelm PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Immunology
The immune system out of shape? Effects of persistent viral infections on shaping the adaptive immune system in young children