The NWO, the KNAW Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science and the universities jointly set up the Innovation Research Incentives Scheme in 2000. The aim is to promote innovation in the academic research field. The scheme seeks to encourage individual researchers and gives creative, talented researchers the opportunity to conduct their own research programme independently, while stimulating talented researchers to enter and remain committed to the scientific profession. The programme provides three kinds of grants:

  • Veni grants: for researchers who have recently taken their PhD, to allow them to continue to develop their ideas; a maximum of € 250,000.
  • Vidi grants: for researchers who want to develop their own innovative line of research and appoint one or more researchers; a maximum of € 800,000.
  • Vici grants: for senior researchers to enable them to build up their own research group; maximum € 1,500,000.

Veni grants

Dr I. (Isabel) Awad Cherit
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Journalism and the tensions of neoliberal democracy
Dr A. (Aurélien) Baillon
Erasmus School of Economics
(Un)healthy ambiguity
Dr L. Lasse Gerrits
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Why make something complicated when it seems simple?
Dr ing. K. (Kim) van der Heiden PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Reactive oxygen and atherosclerosis
Dr M. (Mirjam) Kool
Erasmus MC, Department of Biomedical engineering
Controlling asthma
Dr M.M. (Maarten) Paulides PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Radiation Oncology
Focused 'heat' for head and neck cancer treatment
Dr W.W.J. (Wendy) van de Sande PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Medical microbiology / virology
Gaining insight into the formation of mycetoma grains: towards an innovative antifungal therapy
Dr P.W.A. (Peter) Scholten
Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Are national integration models a thing of the past?
Dr M. (Martijn) Schonewille
Erasmus MC, Department of Neuroscience
Motor learning in the brain
Dr G. (Gerben) Vader
Erasmus MC, Department of Cell Biology
Faultless production of gametes
Dr M.C. (Menno) van Zelm PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Immunology
Beyond the double helix: How is eukaryotic DNA organised to support long-range genomic interactions?