The NWO, the KNAW Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science and the universities jointly set up the Innovation Research Incentives Scheme in 2000. The aim is to promote innovation in the academic research field. The scheme seeks to encourage individual researchers and gives creative, talented researchers the opportunity to conduct their own research programme independently, while stimulating talented researchers to enter and remain committed to the scientific profession. The programme provides three kinds of grants:

  • Veni grants: for researchers who have recently taken their PhD, to allow them to continue to develop their ideas; a maximum of € 250,000.
  • Vidi grants: for researchers who want to develop their own innovative line of research and appoint one or more researchers; a maximum of € 800,000.
  • Vici grants: for senior researchers to enable them to build up their own research group; maximum € 1,500,000.

Vidi grants

Dr M. (Mauricio) Avendano
Erasmus MC, Department of Public Health
Fluctuations in the economy and the health of industrialized countries

Dr M. (Marleen) de Bruijne
Erasmus MC, Department of Medical Informatics
The transfer of knowledge in biomedical image analysis

Mr. dr X.E. (Xandra) Kramer
Erasmus School of Law
Ensuring Quality in Cross-border Enforcement: Towards European Principles of Civil Procedure?
Dr A. (Antoinette) Maassen - van den Brink
Erasmus MC, Department of Pharmacology/Internal Medicine
Migraine in women: a real headache

Dr T. (Tamar) Nijsten MD, PhD
Erasmus MC, Department of Dermatology
The genetics of single and multiple basal cell carcinoma

Dr Y. (Yvonne) Vergouwe
Erasmus MC, Department of Public Health
Risk prediction: novel methods for model development