Benedict Tan

The community is also friendly, warm, and welcoming – even for non-Dutch speakers like me.
Benedict Tan
LL.M. student Commercial and Company Law 2019-2020

My name is Benedict Tan and I am from Singapore. In the academic year 2019/2020, I was enrolled in Erasmus University Rotterdam’s LL.M. programme Commercial and Company Law, under a dual degree programme with the National University of Singapore.

Erasmus University Rotterdam was an excellent choice for me because it is such an international university. There are many wonderful opportunities in Erasmus University Rotterdam to meet people from all around the world, as well as develop an international mindset. Coming from a common law background in Singapore, it was also intriguing to experience the differences in a civil law jurisdiction.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Erasmus University Rotterdam. The curriculum for the LL.M. programme Commercial and Company Law was well-designed. It featured many international aspects, which means that it was relevant even for those who intended to return to their home country after completion of the degree. Moreover, many of the subjects provided a broad overview with useful comparative analysis. This is exactly what education for a master’s degree ought to be – concerned with more than just the black letter law, but also normative questions of what an effective legal system should be. Finally, the pace of lessons was also appropriate, in that it was sufficiently rigorous whilst still allowing me ample time to make friends, build a network, as well as travel around Europe.

I would highly recommend prospective master’s students to think hard about what they want to achieve in their master’s programme. Erasmus School of Law has much to offer, including well-run co-curricular activities such as study trips, student associations and moot competitions. The community is also friendly, warm, and welcoming – even for non-Dutch speakers like me. I never felt out of place and my Dutch friends truly made me feel at home. Ultimately, a master’s degree is for many of us the final few steps in our formal education, so do make the most out of it!