Borrowing from the collection

Most books in the collection may be borrowed. These are in the closed stacks, located in the B Building and can be requested through sEURch with an EUR student card or library card. Learn how to do this.

During the renovation the collection remains in the B Building and will be less accessible. 
As a result of this there will be only one delivery moment during the day.

  • If you request a book before 9:00, it can be collected after 12:00 at the circulation desk (V Building). 
  • If you request a book after 09:00, it can be collected the next day after 12:00.
  • Books requested on Fridays (after 09:00), Saturdays and Sundays can be collected on the following Monday after 12:00. 

You have six working days to collect your requested books.

Books requested during public holidays can be collected after 12:00, the next day that the circulation desk is open.

The following cannot be borrowed: 
books in the reading rooms 
books published before 1850 
exclusive material

EUR staff / students may borrow a total of up to fifty books at one time. This total is 10 for other borrowers. 

It is possible to have the books delivered by PostNL or internal post for € 2.75. Ask for details via the online form.

Loan period and overdue charges

The loan period for books is four weeks. Five days before a book's due date you will receive a notification.
If you do not return the book in time you will receive a reminder after the due date and subsequent reminders after the second, third and fourth week. After that you will receive a bill for the replacement of the book. The costs per book are:

  • 1st reminder  Free
  • 2nd reminder Free
  • 3rd reminder  Free,
  • 4th reminder  € 5.00, library card blocked 
  • Replacement bill:
    • € 50 replacement costs
    • Reminder costs

The costs can add up to € 55.00 per book

Returning borrowed books

You can return books:

  • To the circulation desk (V Building) during the circulation desk’s opening hours.
    You can get a receipt of return or payment of incurred charges from the circulation desk.
  • By depositing them in the book return box at the Polak Building during the University Library’s opening hours. If you deposit your books into the return box after the University Library has closed, the books will be processed the next day and this day counts as the return date. The return box is emptied several times a day during the circulation desk’s opening hours. The books are processed immediately and are no longer registered in your name.
  • By post. This is at your own risk.


  • As a borrower you are responsible for returning books on time or extending the loan period.
  • You are also responsible for ensuring that you receive e-mail or post addressed to you. Untimely receipt of an e-mail or post addressed to you on account of an address change, a full e-mail box, etc. are not valid arguments for the library to cancel the overdue charges.
  • Your library card will be blocked after a fourth reminder or if you have costs on your account.
  • If you do not meet your obligations a debt-collecting agency will be called in (standard procedure).
  • If you have lost a book please report this as soon as possible via the online form.
  • In case of a dispute with the UL about whether or not you have returned a book on time, the library administration will be decisive, unless you have a receipt of return.