EDSC for researchers

As a researcher, you can of course use our services: gather data from the databases we offer, attend a workshop or get individual support. However, there are also some services specially made for researcher.

First, the EDSC can mediate between you and data providers. We can do some of the more administrative task of getting data, ask for quotations and licenses at commercial vendors, and help as much as we can by getting microdata.

Secondly, we can help you with storing, indexing and disseminating your own datasets. More and more funders ask for you to provide an Open Access dataset at the end of your research project. We can assist you in doing this as efficiently as possible. Some of the storage systems that we support are SurfDrive, Dataverse, DANS Easy and SurfSARA.

Interested? Don’t hesitate and contact Paul Plaatsman of the Erasmus Data Service Centre.