Self Service

Self service

A number of financial databases, Datastream, Bloomberg and SDC Platinum, is only accessible at the Polak building. The other databases are also accessible at home with VPN.

Datastream, SDC Platinum and MorningStar

The EDSC has two pc’s available for self service use of Datastream, SDC Platinum and MorningStar. These selfhelp pc’s can be found in the EDSC-office, in Polak building 3.17, on the third floor. You can reserve for maximum an hour a day of these pc’s.

You can make a reservation of these self help pc’s on working days between 9 and 18 o'clock,  through the Virtual desk or at the information desk in the UL. While making a reservation please mention which Database you want to use.
After 18 o'clock and in the weekend the pc's are available during the opening hours, with the principle 'first come, first served'.

Four important restrictions are:

  • The EDSC cannot guarantee access to the Datastream. The connection is shared between the two computers in Polak building 3.17 and university researchers. You can however always prepare your Datastream request and as soon as the other user has been inactive for two minutes, the connection will be redirected to the pc in the library.
  • During these sessions it is not possible to ask assistance from the Datateam. You may however make use of the manuals that are available. Apart from the manual please also use the EDSC tools for efficient database usage. It’s possible to ask a question by using the form on the website.
  • If you do not show up within ten minutes of the appointed time, the reservation is cancelled. You can’t make a new reservation for that day.
  • It's not possible to save files on the Datateam computer. Save the files on an USB-stick or e-mail them to yourself before you shut down the computer. When the files are too big to send by e-mail, use for example


The Bloomberg terminals can only be accessed at the Polak building in the Erasmus Data Service Centre (EDSC) office. In the Bloomberg Class, 3.18, we have 11 terminals, one for the lecturer and 10 for EUR-students and EUR-researchers. When the Bloomberg Class is not booked for workshops or by teachers you are free to work at a terminal, no reservation is needed.

A basic manual of Bloomberg is available and specific manuals for finding bonds, ratings, futures and ESG-data in Bloomberg. You cannot ask assistence of the Datateam. You can however ask questions to the helpdesk of Bloomberg, by using the chat-option, available on Bloom01.