Off-campus access to databases & search engines

The University Library provides access to e-content in dozens of databases in which you can find scholarly literature. Many of these databases are available only to EUR students and staff because of licensing restrictions. So that’s why most databases can only be accessed by using your ERNA-ID.



EZproxy authentication
EZproxy is a way for you to log in with your ERNA-ID to access library databases and e-content off campus. Unlike ERNA-VPN, there is no need to install or configure any software. Just log in once with your ERNA-ID to start an EZproxy session. However, installing the Library Access browser extension makes it extra easy to access licensed content off campus - the video Library Access - Access to research anytime, anywhere (1.31 min) explains how this works.

Browse to the library website on your desktop pc, smartphone or tablet and click on a link to a database. You can find these links on portal pages Resources by discipline or by using the database selection tool. EZproxy will launch and you’ll be asked to choose your institution (Erasmus University Rotterdam or Erasmus MC) and to log in with your ERNA-ID. After login, all the databases you visit within the same browser session will remain open to you without additional login.  

The Library Access browser extension

When you don’t use the links on the library website, you can install the Library Access browser extension (available for Google Chrome and Firefox). When you visit the website of a database or a journal you have access to with your ERNA-ID, you will receive a notification, with the option to login to start an EZproxy session. Just install the extension and make sure to select the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

EZprozy also works for e-content indexed in sEURch to which the library has a license or subscription. EZproxy will launch on execution of a search query in sEURch. You can choose to Login with your ERNA-account to search and access subscribed e-content or, if you just want to browse, you can choose to Continue as guest - without logging in.

NB Guests do not see data from PiCarta, Palgrave or Kluwer in search results.

If you later decide you want to access items listed in your search results just click in sEURch on the Library Links button (top right) and choose Off-campus access to enable EZproxy authentication.

If you are just interested in accessing one item in your search results look for the Access Online button in the item record. Clicking this button will launch the EZproxy authentication process.

Google Scholar works with publishers of scholarly information to index peer-reviewed papers and other scholarly publications. The linked titles in Google Scholar search results point to commercial full-text versions on publishers' websites.

Google Scholar result title link

When searching Google Scholar off campus you may encounter a pay wall when you attempt to access the full text.

Google Scholar publisher paywall

You can access EUR library materials off campus using Google Scholar through EZprozy.

EUR library subscriptions to e-content do not always link through a publisher's website (the title link in Google Scholar results) but may go though an agent, or database provider. To identify EUR library materials available off campus through the EZproxy server you must first configure Library links in the Google Scholar Settings to show FULL-TEXT @ EUR links in the Google Scholar search results. When you have installed the Library Access browser extension, the Library links are automatically configured. 

Activate Library links in Google Scholar

  • Go to the Google Scholar page.
  • Click Settings, then Library links.
  • Type "Erasmus University Library" into the search box and click the search icon.
  • Check the box at Erasmus University Library - FULL-TEXT @ EUR.
  • Type "Open WorldCat" into the search box and click the search icon.
  • Check the box at Open WorldCat - Library Search.
  • Click Save.

Now you are ready to search. In the search results look for the FULL-TEXT @ EUR links.

Google Scholar FULL-TEXT @ EUR

EZproxy will be initiated when you click on a FULL-TEXT @ EUR link and attempt to access a resource. Then you will be taken to the article or journal just as if you were on campus. Sometimes you may be required to browse for the specific article in an archive or table of contents. Look for a PDF link to the article.

Google Scholar EZproxy access via FULL-TEXT @ EUR

Read more about Google Scholar settings in the module Get the most out of Google Scholar.

For more information about EZproxy authentication and browser tools for EZproxy see the EZproxy user guide.

Until recently you had to establish a VPN connection to the EURnet to access e-resources off-campus. This is still possible. However the Library recommends using EZproxy.