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Find literature in sEURch

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Literature on a particular topic

When you need to find literature on a particular topic, these databases are recommended:


Database of the American Psychological Association (APA), covering psychological literature from the 1880s to the present. The Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms is used to index the articles, books and book chapters.


Full-text database, with access to journals published by the American Psychological Association.

Business Source Premier

Database offering content from academic journals, magazines and trade publications covering business, marketing, management, accounting, finance and economics.
Subdiscipline: Organizational psychology


Database, covering education-related journals and documents since 1966. Emphasis is on America.
Subdiscipline: Educational psychology


Database of the National Library of Medicine (USA), which indexes over 4000 international biomedical journals. The MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) is used to index articles.
Subdiscipline: Clinical psychology, Biological psychology

Sociological Abstracts

Database for sociology and related disciplines.
Subdiscipline: Social psychology


Multidisciplinary citation database, covering journals and books.

Web of Science

Multidisciplinary citation database, covering journals and conference proceedings.  

Background information, definitions etc.

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These online encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks are recommended:

Dictionary of psychology This dictionary covers all branches of psychology (4th edition)
Encyclopedia of clinical psychology This encyclopedia covers the main topics, key concepts, and influential figures in the field of clinical psychology
Encyclopedia of human behavior Encyclopedia on human action and reaction, and the thoughts, feelings, and physiological functions behind those actions
Encyclopedia of psychology
(via PsycBOOKS)
This 8-volume APA encyclopedia is a guide to every area of psychological theory, research, and practice.
Please note: this link brings you to the overview page of the volumes.
International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences
(2nd edition, via ScienceDirect)
This encyclopedia describes the state of the art in all the fields encompassed within the social and behavioral sciences, including psychology.

The SAGE encyclopedia of industrial and organizational psychology

(2nd edition, via SAGE Knowledge)

Encyclopedia on industrial and organizational psychology, on work and work live. 
APA Handbooks in Psychology (via PsycBOOKS)
The link will redirect you to the list of chapters in the handbook. 
APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook
APA Educational Psychology Handbook
APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis
APA Handbook of Career Intervention
APA Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology
APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology
APA Handbook of Community Psychology
APA Handbook of Comparative Psychology
APA Handbook of Counseling Psychology
APA Handbook of Ethics in Psychology
APA Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology
APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology
APA Handbook of Giftedness and Talent
APA Handbook of Human Systems Integration
APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
APA Handbook of Men and Masculinities
APA Handbook of Multicultural Psychology
APA Handbook of Nonverbal Communication
APA Handbook of Personality and Social Psychology
APA Handbook of Psychology and Juvenile Justice
APA Handbook of Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality
APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology
APA Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology
APA Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology
APA Handbook of Trauma Psychology


You can browse all e-journals in the A-to-Z list.

Main journals based on the Journal Impact Factor

These are the main journals in psychology and some subdisciplines, based on their journal impact factor, published in the Journal Citation Reports of 2015.
You are linked to the publisher that gives access to the most current issue. You can find all links to the journals in the E-journal list.

(journals in the JCR-category Psychology, Multidisciplinary)

Psychological science in the public interest - ISSN 1529-1006

Annual review of psychology - ISSN 0066-4308

Psychological bulletin - ISSN 0033-2909

Perspectives on psychological science - ISSN 1745-6916

Psychological review - ISSN 0033-295X

Biological psychology

Behavioral and brain sciences - ISSN 0140-525X

Biological psychology - ISSN 0301-0511

Evolution and human behavior - ISSN 1090-5138

Psychophysiology - ISSN 0048-5772
International journal of psychophysiology - ISSN 0167-8760


Clinical psychology

Annual review of clinical psychology - ISSN 1548-5943

Clinical psychology review - ISSN 0272-7358

Health psychology review - ISSN 1743-7199

Neuropsychology review - ISSN 1573-6660

Journal of abnormal psychology - ISSN 0021-843X

Developmental psychology

Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - ISSN 0890-8567

Journal of child psychology and psychiatry - ISSN 0021-9630

Developmental review - ISSN 0273-2297

Journal of clinical child and adolescent psychology - ISSN 1537-4416

Developmental science - ISSN 1467-7687

Educational psychology

Educational psychologist - ISSN 0046-1520

Child development - ISSN 0009-3920

Learning and instruction - ISSN 0959-4752

Journal of school psychology - ISSN 0022-4405

Journal of educational psychology - ISSN 0022-0663

Organizational psychology
(journals in both the JCR-categories Applied Psychology and in Management)

Journal of management - ISSN 0149-2063

Organizational research methods - ISSN 1094-4281

Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior - ISSN 2327-0608

Personnel psychology - ISSN 0031-5826

Journal of applied psychology - ISSN 0021-9010