Erasmus UPT is currently expanding the research theme of transport and logistics. Within transport and logistics two main topics can be identified: urban logistics which aims at analysing how to deal with logistic activities/transport of goods within urban areas and trends/developments in maritime transportation; the latter focuses on slow steaming in the container shipping industry. Analyses within transport and logistics include, but are not limited to economic impact analyses and cost-benefit analyses.  

Projects on Transport and Logistics (selection of):

  • Trends and Developments in maritime transportation: focus on slow steaming in the container shipping industry (2012-ongoing)

  • EVIDENCE: Collect and disseminate proven economic benefits of sustainable transport initiatives (2014-ongoing)

  • TRANSPORT AND RETAIL: Relationship between accessibility, in particular parking, and retail attractiveness of urban areas (2011-2012)

  • ROTTERDAM: The importance of parking for the retail sector in Rotterdam (2008-2009)

  • Transport, Environment and Economy at urban level: the need for decoupling (2007-2008)