Leadership in Commodity Trade and Supply Networks

Executive programme

Strategic leadership development in commodity trade

The executive programme Leadership in Commodity Trade and Supply Networks is unique in the Netherlands. It is the only programme designed for professionals within the field of commodity trading to focus on the strategic questions and the associated leadership development. 

The programme consists of eight masterclasses offered by Erasmus University in partnership with the International Trading Institute of the Singapore Management University, which are interdisciplinary and focus on developing skills and thought leadership. The programme is theoretically informed but interactive, reflexive and with real world cases so to provide true learning experience. 

Topics include:

  1. Geopolitics and political risk
  2. Price discovery, volatility and risk
  3. Trade finance
  4. Contracting and trade law
  5. Fiscal aspects of multinational trading operations
  6. Ports, shipping and logistics
  7. Sustainability and reporting
  8. Asian perspectives on commodity markets