Programme outline

The programme, which consists of the three leadership challenges and eight masterclasses together, is multidisciplinary and provides participants with all skills to compete in a rapidly changing global trading environment.

  • 3 Leadership challenges along the entire program

    1. Courage day
    2. Negotiation day
    3. Scenario presentation day
  • Masterclass 1: Geopolitics and Political Risk

    The aim of this module is to raise your awareness and understanding of geopolitical dimensions of the global economy, including current and potential zones of conflict, and provide leaders of trade and supply companies with a strategic and long term perspective.


  • Masterclass 2: Price Discovery, Volatility and Risk

    The aim of this module is to increase your analytical understanding on price discovery and volatility of various physical commodity products, including the mechanisms to mitigate such price risk via derivatives, and translate these to trading strategies.

  • Masterclass 3: Contracting and Law

    The aim of this module is to raise your awareness and understanding of the legal aspects of international contracting by trade and supply companies with a case-by-case approach on how to deal with trading (sales of good contracts), trade finance (letters of credit), and shipping (carriage of goods, cargo claims) aspects.

  • Masterclass 4: Trade Finance

    The aim of this module is to increase your  understanding in quantitative finance analytics, increase your practical knowledge on the changing regulatory, technological and risk environments  and develop leadership skills in setting up trade finance arrangements and performative asset management in a volatile and complex world.

  • Masterclass 5: Fiscal aspects of multinational trading operations

    The aim of this module is to increase your understanding on the various fiscal aspects of the multinational trading operation, including compliance.  

  • Masterclass 6: Ports, Logistics and Shipping

    The aim of this module is to identify the various complexities and risks involved in the shipping of commodity products and apply tools that allow for optimization of the physical supply network under given delivery contracts. 

  • Masterclass 7: Sustainability and Reporting

    Participants increase their understanding on the important aspects of sustainability reporting as strategic risk management tool, including the implementation and assessment of data driven trade surveillance systems and the reliable traceability of commodities and commodity products across the supply chain

  • Masterclass 8: Asian Perspectives

    The aim of this module is to learn from Asian perspectives on commodity trading through cultural exchange by engaging with top instructors and business leaders.