Economics of Tourism and Events


Tourism and events are an increasingly important source of income and employment for cities worldwide. Our experience in this field is based on international studies addressing issues such as urban tourism, industrial tourism, visitor-friendliness, the impact of mega events and urban festivals, and visitor flow management.

These studies have provided our customers knowledge on how to benefit from tourism and events, not only in terms of income and employment, but also regarding the development of business networks, social values and reputation management. In addition, our studies give insights in how to tackle potential negative effects of tourism and events, such as tensions between inhabitants and visitors and pressure on cultural heritage and the quality of the living environment. Apart from qualitative case studies, we also use quantitative methods such as cost-benefit analysis and input-output analysis.

Examples of projects

  • Tourist satisfaction and expenditure in the Netherlands (2012-2013). A quantitative study on the satisfaction and expenditure of Dutch domestic tourists, and the role of the VVV as tourism management organization. Conducted for VVV Netherlands.
  • ATTREG - Attractiveness of Regions and Cities for Residents and Visitors (2010-2013). Cross-case analysis of policy interventions in European cities and regions. Commissioned by the European Commission (ESPON)
  • Cross-sector Cooperation in the Development of Industrial Tourism (2008-2010). International comparative study with in-depth case studies of Rotterdam, Wolfsburg, Cologne, Pays de la Loire and Turin. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.
  • Economic Perspectives for the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport (2014).Evaluation of the current and potential relevance of the Rotterdam-The Hague Airport for the regional economy. Commissioned by the City of Rotterdam.
  • Innovative Urban Development Strategies for Sustainable Competitiveness (2012-2014). International comparative study with in-depth case studies of strategies in various cities. In partnership with Euricur, PwC, IHS and the City of Rotterdam.
  • A world of events: how can cities anchor the advantage? (2010-2012). International comparative study with case studies of Dublin, Helsinki, Incheon, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Cluj. In partnership with Euricur.